lunedì 11 gennaio 2016



Alchemy has the power to use every possible component that can be found in the physical world, to make particular changes that can take used matter at a higher level of vibration. The enhanced vibrations of the worked matter can be used to go beyond.
To go beyond means to add principles to the vision, not only to the vision of things, like all the people and the researchers do.

It’s very important that in alchemy you absolutely comprehend this step, without the comprehension of what I just said it would never be possible to practice perfectly, and matter would become poison.
So when you are operating with matter always be careful that it’s purified as much as possible, and when I am speaking of purified matter I refer to everything, every type of matter, and not like the antique scripts lead us to think, something in particular... Remember that matter can be checked and it’s possible to find it everywhere, meaning that we can operate purifying any type of matter. If you keep in mind everything I just told you... and few have the courage to do so, you would realize that just by looking in front of you, at your computer reading what I have written, it would be possible to take it and transmute it into something different.
Obviously it’s easier to transmute the thin matters than the dense ones, this is why alchemy, with the passing of time and the descending consciousness of mankind into the heavy and unrefined matter, has transformed it in to spagiry, then in to herbal cures and medicine. But this must not mislead you from the real nature of alchemy that is the spiritual chemistry of all things. Don’t just observe physical precepts because they are only what happens on the outside of the internal and spiritual ones, that must really be followed word by word to not run in to very serious problems in your life and in your health.
When I talk of physical problems I intend that if the alchemical operations are not done well they will have an effect on your magnetic body, this is because the real alchemical operations happen in the magnetic reign. So don’t in any way desire to be in a rush, or don’t ever have the crazy idea of doing practices without having the theoretical basics. When I speak in this way, to some it may seem that I want to put reins on you, it looks like I want to use chains, so that you can’t go ahead. But in reality it isn’t like this, it’s because I feel very responsible for what I am transmitting to people.
People today are used to being rushed in this world and going fast, they don’t realize that nature is alchemy and that it’s a supreme art, it needs it’s time, these times are always in harmony with the seasons, they are always in harmony with the rotation of the stars, it’s always in harmony with the lunar and solar circles. If you don’t understand that, it’s not possible to be an alchemist, I suggest you do something else.
It’s for this reason that alchemy, thanks god, isn’t in any way spendable in the industrial circuit.
It isn’t possible because of the production rhythms and actual consumerism, there isn’t the patience to wait for the wright times and natural cycles, and it’s for this reason that big companies like Monsanto and others, just study how to quicken the seedtimes.
This brings everything that is exploding, and that has exploded in the actual world, with all the degenerative illnesses like cancer, tumors etc.. that cannot be cured, in fact how is it possible to cure an illness, if once the poison is in the human sick body it is taken away and then isn’t put back in with food, and this keeps on happening always, always, always everyday three times a day. Do you realize that your body is an alchemical laboratory and that this portable alchemical laboratory, needs to be cleaned. Lets bring up a small example, an elementary child level example. You all have seen or have a little fire place in you house, or a wooden stove, or anything else like the modern pellets, well, if you know this and you keep on

burning and burning wood inside the fireplace or in a coal stove, and you never clean it what will you notice?
The answer is simple because it’s an example for elementary aged children, but not knowing anything of alchemy we must start from here, filth would accumulate. When you go and turn on a new fire it will be suffocated by the ashes, the garbage and all the filth that’s been accumulated. So the stove, the fire place will need cleaning, I don’t mean daily but at least weekly, if we want it to work well, and if we are talking about the exhaust pipe, even that would always need cleaning, because without this cleansing there would not be good suction and the smoke would invade the house. So, if you are so sage when talking about materialistic things why aren’t you with your body? How is it possible that you give the maximum attention to external physical objects and you can’t see in them the functional principles of your body, that is sacred!

Having said that, try a purifying fast once a week starting in the morning with water or herbal the, and then eating something light after sunset. Try at least once a week to go for a walk where there are trees and grass so you can clean your fireplace of the awkwardness in your vent or smokestack.
It’s strange, this culture has lost the sense of nature so these things must be told, people have been boxed up and trained to live in urban complexes and don’t realize anymore what there body is in need of. This is why they will never be able to do alchemy.
I have bumped in to the varies difficulties some disciples have to go through to get them self’s pure water to use in alchemical procedures, so just try and imagine all the other difficulties, but everything is always conquerable, the grate importance of will must not be underestimated in these cases, and that really shows where we are headed to.

Having said this, having announced this, I dismiss my self and I wish you a good start of the week.
Riccardo Villanova MRA