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The sexual alchemic - tantric act is at the base of every fundamental esoteric concept. Without this particular practice nothing really makes sense.

Tantra and Alchemy are rasa… meaning, JUICE!
This term has a lot of meaning. It refers to the essential fluids that sustain life. This has been known from the time of the Veda.

The bodily fluids – in particular sperm and vaginal secretions – since the origin of spirituality, have been considered substances filled with power. The aspirant that is on the path to freedom and immortality must control it with maximum attention.

The Vedic clairvoyants spoke of soma, the divine nectar that allowed them to be in the company of the divinities.

These concepts have also been assimilated to the idea of amrita, the nectar of immortality. Its cosmic counterpart is ratas, the divine semen.
Amrita is the result of an Alchemic job that is described as a real state of FREEDOM. This is the essence of the practice and the tantric-alchemic realization.
Tantra and Alchemy, have taken advantage of these archaic symbols. They have been the base of the concepts of Ayurveda and Alchemy.
The first one of these two systems, rasa, means plasma. It is one of the somatic constituents (dhatu), like blood, flesh, fat, bones, marrow, semen, and menstrual blood for a woman.
For the second system instead, rasa, it is intended as the mercury, the semen of Shiva. The parallels that exist between Tantra, Ayurveda and Alchemy find their origin in the philosophy that conceptualizes the universe in sexual and erotic terms, like the creation of Shiva and Shakti, or of Mercury and Sulfur.
In the practical Alchemy of medieval India, the sexual fluid of the goddess was compared to mica (the mineral) and her menstrual blood to the spirit.
It was thought that with Shiva’s semen it could produce gold, or mercury.
In the left-handed tantric schools woman during their menstrual cycle are consider very desirable. This is for the one of Kaula, the Alchemic Sumerian, the Egyptian, the Arab, and the ones in the west.

Yoga-shikha-upanished explains the put together expression of raja-yoga like the fusion between the menstrual cycle (rajas) and the semen (retas)…
The free interpretation has spoken. Some hatha yoga practices appeared like vajroli-mudra.

Sexuality- an Alchemic art

Sexuality has never been “moral” or unmoral in any way. Codifying sexual appetite, framing it with names that are not applicable to it, is useless. It reveals a total lack of knowledge of its immense generative possibilities of subtl energy. In reality it is: a true Alchemic opera.
Nothing, or no one, exists to be judged, to be analyzed; everything lies in the comprehension of the self. For your own self.
It is necessary to comprehend in an experimental way, that your own being, it’s nature, it’s impulses and passions get us closer to our sexuality that can be defined as a real art.
This art calls for the living and precise awareness, of physical impulses during the fusion of love. A clear and aware perception of the subtil processes makes the desire arise, and conducts it at the peak of ecstasy.
Just like the Taoistic one, the Tantric-Alchemic tradition, hides true treasures of the alchemic nature of the human sexuality.
To understand the perspective of the transpersonal sexology, we must first understand how to perceive and feel it.
To learn how to perceive and feel “what it is”, is, the integral path to the realization of the act of love (of our hole life), that isn’t fragmented by transitory pleasures that have no substance.
In this way, to deeply comprehend the human nature, the alchemy “of the vibrational energies”, we must experiment the diversity of the psychosomatic and spiritual phenomenon and discover their intimate processes.

When desire is perceived in its subtl and energetic manifestation, a metamorphosis of the sexual attraction is produced in its mold. Before then, it was only strictly located at an organic level.
The spreading of pleasure, is manifested threw the loving sensuality that is born beyond the functioning of the human personality (emotions, feelings) and at times, it is even independent from this.
Sensual love, can only be considered like a true art when between the two lovers exist an authentic sentiment of love. If the two lovers are able to live love, joy, and identify with the other, they can then “slide” in the dual relationship, that is on the plane of the corporeal identification, fully living pleasure. Under these conditions it can become a trampoline towards superior states of consciousness.
The sexual emotion often precedes the sexual act. It is, in an exceptional way, lived in the moments of passage, from a thick organic level to an emotional level that is more subtl. But by it’s self this doesn’t allow true alchemy.
To make the loving act Alchemic, it presumes a perfect knowledge of your own sexuality. You must have immense control over it, and there must be the existence of pure and unconditional love.

“The fire of passion is beyond the voluptuousness of eternity”

The physical shapes of desires, determine the taste we have, and sexual attraction. Instead, the profound aspiration of these desires is it’s self, to desire fullness, a state of unity.
Whit superior observation, the loving act isn’t a simple instinctual physical satisfaction of desire.
It is an interior experience that perfections the Alchemic opera thanks to the unification of the masculine, solar, and feminine, lunar, principles. The scope is to perfection the being.
So here there is a new vision of sexuality that could upset many people. “ Can the sexual act help the human being to get to the perfect state and be freed” like what the mystics say?

The answer is simple and real: Yes.

The desire of love, the will of pleasure, and the effort to bring joy to the other, all come, from the interior aspiration of the human being to unify with himself in the universal beatitude. “The fire of passion “turns on between the loved ones. Their essence goes beyond everything; it’s a voluptuousness of eternity.
Orgasm is so searched and desired by man. This isn’t only because it’s an extremely pleasurable and intense experience, but it’s also what extrapolates us from time, and offers us the occasion to perceive a taste of eternity.

Knowing all of this, a conscious and spiritual being can, living the sexual and loving act that is filled with transfiguration and spiritual emotion, arrive to the top of spiritual life. Others only get to this threw prayer and meditation.
In this way, orgasm doesn’t only belong to pleasure; it is transustanziale, in an essential way. It belongs to that intangible nature. We could call it the spiritual side of ourselves.